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5 Amazing Tips to Avoid Self-Sabotage


Do you get the reference?

Ok's a Hip Hop reference to the title of our blog this week.

The GIF is a little clip from the music video for a song titled "Sabotage" recorded by the Beastie Boys.


When you feel like pulling the cord on the parachute, walk through these first...

  1. Know Yourself- it's important to be able to "look in the mirror" and evaluate yourself honestly when it comes to things that are "triggers" from past experiences. This self awareness gives you a head start on how to effectively deal with these triggers as they occur.

  2. Practice mindfulness- developing an understanding of the things that put you in that state of mind. It can only assist us if/when we encounter similar issues in the future. Be mindful of the good as well as the bad.

  3. Acceptance- "whatever happened in the past has come and gone" recognize the event for what it was (however minimal or tragic) and allow YOURSELF to heal through acceptance of others, as well as our own, shortcomings.

  4. Re-Frame- our brains are CONSTANTLY aware and want to keep us away from ANY perceived danger. Work on re-framing the way to approach these situations. Instead of thinking about danger, think about the potential positive out comings from stepping into that frequency.

  5. Become Comfortable with Failure- in so many ways, this connects perfectly with #4. The way of looking at things from a different perspective gives us the opportunity to eliminate our fear with curiosity and the "what if" When we never initiate new things into our lives, we are, in a sense, sabotaging ourselves from all the wonderful opportunities that could be right around the corner.



A lot of our Monday Motivations come from past "missed steps" in my own personal journey.

This week is no's been an incredibly challenging weekend and I truly hope this helps INSPIRE someone to step INTO something your not sure of...take a chance...a risk... making this decision to LIVE for the best person possible...YOU!!!!


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