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A Morning Routine for Champions


How many of us are waking up each morning and feeling amazing when our feet hit the ground? ( ain't me)

So, how many of us make the attempt to understand why we wake up feeling unrested , dreading the day we have ahead of us?

You tell me if this sounds familiar.

You wake up and, BEFORE your feet hit the ground, your mind is flooded with thoughts of appointments, what are we having for dinner, what bills need paid, who's picking up the kids etc etc etc...

This is the way MOST of Americans start their day.

Their daily morning routine consists of all of these things PLUS poor choices on the food and drink being consumed and the list goes on and on.

Here's your chance to break the cycle.

Whether you know it or not, by repeatedly enforcing the routine, we create habits (both good and bad).

These poor habits in the am manifest thru the day and lead to massive struggles that we set ourselves up for when we wake up and start our day the wrong way.

Of course, we HATE change and resist it at all costs. That's what our brain tells us are in control and you can make changes and follow thru.

Your brain will resist but, eventually, comply.

Andrew Huberman discusses his daily morning rituals and the order with which he does them.

Why don't you give a shot for a week????

Alter your routine and fight thru your brain telling you "no way am I doing this shit at 6am" 😂😅



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