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Aaron Rogers Is Crazy Right?


The Collective Unconscious...

What happens to our perception when something is labeled as "dangerous", "evil", "addictive"?

Do you think it is influential?

What happens if we take away the stigma and dig into the actual facts/science without any influence whatsoever!!!!

Is the brain a personality generator? Well, according to Peterson, yes it is.

If we agree on that then what happens if we embraced the methods of our ancestors and facilitate a more intense experience thru the use of psychedelics.

Have you ever taken psychedelics? ✌🏼

Did you come away from that experience feeling horrified or did you feel like you gained a deeper understanding of who you are as a human being???

The use of psychedelics is a tense topic because it has been branded as evil, potentially addictive behavior that will ruin you and take you to a place that you may NEVER come back from.

The use of fear in our society is prevalent and it embodies every facet of our lives. 💫💎

As are ALL of my Monday Motivations, this is not to persuade you one way or the other.✅

It IS meant to get you to ask questions to yourself and others and determine those answers thru independent study and educating yourself.

The alternative??? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Continue to allow someone or some group to tell you what you should be thinking.



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