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Balance in the Age of Indulgence


Are we destroying our ability to be genuinely happy?

The higher the socio-economic class, the more unhappy we seem to be.

That is powerful...consider these BIG ideas:

IDEA #1 Pleasure/Pain balance (homeostasis)...when we mess with the unique balance and overload on something, we tip the scales. What goes UP must come DOWN!

IDEA #2 Dopamine Overload...we live in a world of never-ending abundance (vaping, shopping, online media, everything is engineered to be addictive. What is YOUR drug of choice?

IDEA #3 Dopamine is exactly what you think it is...getting away from the things that you ASSUME bring you pleasure/happiness.

IDEA #4 Self-Binding...are you leaving enough time in between your addictive activity to reset the balance/dopamine in your world?

IDEA #5 Pain as a Pathway to Pleasure...its important to level the balance of your pain. These two opposites are very closely attached believe it or not.


What is YOUR drug of choice? (Video games, smoking, tv, social media) I challenge you to take regular breaks/fasting between your drug of choice.



Its almost counter-intuitive to seek out pain but it actually allows us to appreciate the pleasure even more!!!!

Find a way to immerse yourself fully into the life you've been given....dig into attention!!!!

Have FAITH that your actions today are continuing to accumulate and build you into a better, more-balanced, human being.

I wish you a peaceful, focused, joyful week filled with challenges that you WILL conquer!!!!


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