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Begin With The End In Mind


Learning the "macro" from the "micro"...

Have you ever considered thinking about the "end game" before you ever start playing?

Consider the fact that a lot of business owners first start out as "specialists" in their chosen (or given) field.

They often grow into a leadership role from their complete mastery of 1 specific thing.



As they stated in the video, you can apply this concept to several scenarios.

Take for instance, the video ex and consider the game of Chess.

One of the all-time Champions, Bobby Fisher, discusses how he would always consider the "end game" first!

Then work his way back out of that scenario to the beginning (ie..."macro")

In the music world, we can show many comparisons that illustrate the results in bold colors...

Music Producer/Beatmaker...instead of listening to another Producer's work and attempting to copy the settings/actual tools they're using but, rather, BEGIN with the final product and DE-construct what the Producer was thinking, how it sounds, and attempt to derive some parts of YOUR sound/YOUR workflow from the the Production.

Stop over-complicating things...pick something you absolutely love and then go out and find a niche of people that think what you do is stellar.

People who are willing to pay you for your skills and respect your quality, care, and commitment to your craft.




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