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Can Our Thoughts Make Us Well

We know they can make us sick over time but what about the opposite?

Are you familiar with Dr. Joe Dispenza?

Mindfulness and well being are his speciality.

He is a master of the inner workings of the brain, sense of self, stress responses, self healing and much more.

He believes that how you think and how you feel determine your well-being.

Enjoy this incredible interview/discussion with Dr. Dispenza below...



I can't think of a better message to deliver to my closest friends. I have so many close friends and family that deal with anxiety, stress, depression, illness.

I often think to myself "is there a better way".

It stands to reason that it IS possible to REVERSE the way our brains fire and connect. If our brains have the power to make us sick, bring on disease then it stands to reason that we have the power to use our brains to heal and have a positive influence on our body.

We have let our servant become the Master and in order to "reverse course" it WILL BE uncomfortable....there WILL BE resistance!

Realize that the moment you begin truly feeling the abundance of health, wealth and spirit...our brains find it a little easier to accept and go along with no resistance.

As soon as we make that happen, the effect is massive!



I believe Dr. Dispenza is speaking from the 9 Insights as disseminated in Refield's "Celestine Prophecy" (last weeks blog)

Be aware, use your thoughts, understand their value.

Understand our brains are a "record of the past" and those memories have emotions attached to them.

When we begin to attach emotion to our memories of the familiar past instead of moving forward into the wealth and abundance we see and manifest for our future.


The goal of our weekly blog posts seemingly has nothing to do with music, but it really does!

It's taking the approach of manifesting our confidence and happiness from within.

There is an energetic connection to everything in the universe.

Embrace your elevated emotions and teach your body what that feels like instead of relying on you past experiences to provide the emotion.

Leave your emptiness behind and embrace your future, your energy, the energy of the universe and how your respond.

We create long term memories from emotional events...




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