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Can You Handle THIS Truth?

If you're like me (and millions of others), you have gone through and seen things in your life that were tragic.

  • bad breakup

  • loss of friend/family

  • financial hardship

  • substance abuse

  • trauma

  • loss of parent (s)

I'd even go as far as saying that many of you that are reading this right now also have struggled with our own "personal demons" that have helped put us in bad situations.

Those bad situations normally lead to other broken people with a broken mindset.

The bad news is, it's contagious!😭

Unfortunately, it gets worse.

When we succumb to and begin to embrace the mindset that "this always happens and I always end up getting screwed. Watch, that's what's going to happen in this situation as well."

It, literally, begins to change our brain and the worst possible outcome then occurs...we wake up one day and our "default state" is housed in negativity.

We EXPECT bad things to happen. We begin to predict the outcomes of life and professional opportunities and use our "past experience" as a predictor for future results.



We begin this constant non-verbal "self talk" that only reinforces what our perception of ourselves is.

Things like:

  • I'm a loser

  • I'm not smart enough to understand

  • I'm out of shape and will always be because that's just the way it is.

  • I'm not anywhere nearly as attractive as all the other people in my class/social group.

  • I don't start to date anyone because the relationship always fails anyway.

I could go on and on and on and on get the idea. Lol.

Please take a look at this video that gives us some techniques to keep ourselves in a positive growth mindset instead of a tragic one.


the default mode network is a series of neurons in the brain that has "automated" a certain amount of things



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