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Do YOU Have This Debilitating Issue?

One of the biggest killers of positivity and momentum is procrastination.

This "habit" is one that is debilitating and crushing to the creative mind.However, since it is classified as a habit, that means it is something that will require significant time and effort to break free.

The suggestion here is to forget about breaking the bad habit, rather, create a new habit that is rooted in the "get shit done right now" philosophy.

What are some of the consequences of continually procrastinating???

  • missed opportunities

  • lackluster approach

  • delayed gratification (not in a good

  • reputation for not following through




One of the main reasons WHY you procrastinate?

FEAR!!! remember our old friend FEAR? It can be debilitating and in the context of procrastination it explains the MAIN REASON we do it in the first place!!! is a vicious cycle and a nevending loop that is FILLED with frustration and talks of what "could have been".

We choose to live our daily lives however we want.

Let that sink in because it really needs to be said and understood.

Don't fear failure....set yourself up for success...take small steps...let go of all of the anxiety and stress we've allowed to build up on us.

LET IT GO and focus on your NEW HABIT of GETTING THINGS DONE!!!!!



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