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Do You Stay Awake Late at Night?

Is staying awake late at night nurturing for us?

Does it give us the best opportunity to become "in sync" with our body?

How much sleep do we need?

Let's face it...we are creatives and we have made it a career of working at odd times.

So, I often wonder, what is the most productive time to work...not what we want but what is MOST productive and allows us to be at our most "sensitive" and "aware".

Look at the opportunities we miss by sleeping our days away.

Being sensitive to life and being ego-sensitive are two completely different things.



Strive to be "life-sensitive" so much so that you can FEEL when the earth's energy changes. Are we not made of 72% water?

Shouldn't we be able to be "sensitive" to the moon and the result the energy from these phases brings with it?

By being "sensitive" to the world and our environment that surrounds us, allows us to feel, to experience, to breathe, to be sensitive.

This is the "sensitivity" Sadhguru speaks of.



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