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How Do You Achieve Goals Without a Plan?

It's hard enough navigating all the challenges life has to offer, let alone, have no friggin' idea and no plan for success.

Make it honest and it will be received honestly



Why Is This Important & Useful?

Having a vision/mission statement is providing navigational clarity. (big words
When we have a clear vision of what our needs and intentions are, we begin to formulate ways to get to where we want to be.

In the video, Mancini discusses how some of the biggest companies have been born out of innovation and necessity.
In other words, people who shared some of the same "personality traits" as other successful people.

Maybe you've seen this lately on social media, but, it's worth repeating...

Do you know that the only bird that is a threat to the bald eagle is the crow. The crow has the capacity to take out the bald eagle.

They do it by getting on the bald eagle's back and sinking their claws into the bird and they will NOT let go.

What do you think the bald eagle does?

They soar up into the sky with reckless abandon climbing higher and higher and higher until they reach an altitude that is so high that the crow cannot breathe...eventually the crow lets go and drops back to it's altitude.

The lesson???

There will ALWAYS be someone or something attempting to stop your flight...your ascension. Respond with greatness, respond by challenging their will, push them to the extent of their abilities. Most will fall away and disappear.

The resulting benefits are many:

  • you challenged yourself and reached a level higher than thought

  • in your "new air" you just might find the people who challenge you instead of inhibit you.

  • learn to differentiate between the crows and the eagles


Have a wonderful week...think about writing out YOUR mission statement.

Give yourself some short and long terms goals...



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