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How Do You Build A House?

you build a house house 🏘 one brick at a time


If there were ever 1 thing I’d ask, no beg, you just take into consideration is that being successful (aka Jedi level skill and mastery of your craft) takes time!!! Period!

Yes, there are individuals out there in the world that have been born with some incredible gifts and they naturally gravitate and excel in a short period of time.

Guess what?

That is no where close to the norm.

Most of us only wish we have a small % of the God given ability we see in others.

Worse yet? They seem to resent their talent…certainly not treating it with the respect it deserves. Why? Because we all want everything to happen RIGHT NOW! Society and social media tell us we can get the “Success for Dummies” version and live the INCREDIBLE lives we see being lived in front of our eyes in real time.

One problem…it ain’t real!!!! It’s all smoke and mirrors…all of it.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into that 🪤 trap. Can you make the commitment to lay out your plan (short and long term) and execute?

I promise that if you block out the noise and focus, when you look back on your growth in relation to the goals you set for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised.



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May 26, 2022

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