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Humans 2.0 Is Mankind Getting Upgraded?

In case you haven't noticed, the last 10 years have brought about MONUMENTAL shifts in our everyday society and workflow.

Yes indeed ladies and gentleman, the world is in a state of transformation and I'd argue that it is happening right now.




I want to thank you for coming through and sincerely hope that you find some of the articles, videos and thoughts useful. If that is the case, then we are learning together and that makes ALL of us better (I sound like the video...haha).


It takes 1% of people who have the exact same intention to CHANGE the entire collective reality


There are a few things we can elaborate on from the After Skool Video animation of Humans 2.0 and Ralph Smart's remarks.

What is the overall message and what can we gain?

How do we consume this information in a way that most benefits us creatively?

How can we apply the information and use it to enhance our creative? stated in the video, our world is at a crossroads. There seems to be no doubt. We see what is happening in the world of technology. We see AI being inserted into every single mainstream function and convenience we use on a daily basis AND we can't get enough of it!

Can we?

Why? Well, that's easy...because it's faster, more efficient, more accurate but that's not the real reason the masses are eating it up like what is it?

Because human beings have an innate need to "keep up" with everyone else. Outwork them, if you will. It's a deep rooted function of our animal behavior and comes natural as a result.

We want to be the one with the answers to the test. We want to get recognized for excelling at our job, we want to make more money, we want to have power...simple and plain.

We are getting our wish



But, it's more than likely that the end result will not be favorable if we don't understand the dynamic of our relationship between the technology and our mastery of it. It requires discipline and a deep understanding of ourselves and where we fit on this planet.

More importantly, why we are here.

Are we here to acquire as much money and information as possible? Is it a race to run as fast ass you can ( a sprint to the finish line)? Is our goal to get to those things by any means necessary?

What the hell are we doing people?

The answer is NO.

We are not here to, merely, roam, work, consume, build, repeat...we are more than that and the sooner we begin to involve the Spiritual side of our beings, the better!

It has the feeling that 1/2 of the world is walking around in a fog and the other 1/2 are beginning to wake up.

I want to be a part of the latter not the former.


Hoping you have an amazing week and encourage you to take just 5 minutes in a quiet space, preferably outside somewhere quiet, and BREATHE....just breathe.

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