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If You Need Conflict (Create Your Own Struggle)



Start getting used to action. Earn your sunset. Discipline Equals freedom...

Don't be afraid to force yourself to take action.

Why can't you do it?

That's why the NIKE slogan is so perfect!!!!

You are not your past.

Of course, there are things you've done that were messed up.

The point is that you do NOT repeat your own learn from them.

Understand that people will point out your imperfections much easier than identifying your strengths.

So, how do respond to difficult situations?

Ask yourself and identify situations where you excelled and situations where you fell short.

The point is to make a clear plan and make the necessary tweaks along the way.

I hope and pray for your success...give it the respect it deserves...plant your seeds and then water them and watch them grow!!!!


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