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Motivation & Maximizing Dopamine


What if you could maximize your dopamine release naturally?

What if you could get all the benefits of a drug-induced opiate binge WITHOUT the backlash and crash from indulging in such drugs?

Look at the increase of addiction in our many people searching for happiness/pleasure in the form of a pill/narcotic.

What is the reason we have an epidemic on our hands? of the schools of thought is that we have been tricked.
We have been provided with an overwhelming amount of options to make us feel great quick.
What's the downside?
Hmmm...constant craving, physical sickness, depression, lack of any real human feeling.
Oh and I could go on for quite a long time w all of the outcomes of searching for quick fix solutions to our everyday feelings and struggles.





Think about this...

Is there anything in life that has provided you with an immediate "quick fix" to whatever personal struggles you may be experiencing?

Search for alternative ways to handle/cope with our struggles. As creatives, we have our "pleasure center" right in front of us (ie...instrument, DAW, microphone, canvas, etc).

Please hear me....there are ZERO quick fixes.

Focus on your short and long term growth and do NOT play the game of comparing yourself and your existence to what you "perceive" other people doing. They are showing you the absolute best version of themselves and their situation.

You have 1 person to impress, 1 person to answer to, 1 person that holds you accountable to you goals, dreams, and aspirations.....IT'S YOU!!!!!!!

Now, go out and BE GREAT TODAY!!!!

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