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Perceived Success vs Internal Misery

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Identity vs Emotional State...

In the world of anime, it's called being in a "genjutsu".

Translated? A "genjutsu" is a fictional world created to keep us in an ongoing loop.

Think about daily routines, work schedules, the habits and patterns we find comfort in.

It's a pretty well-known fact that our brains let us know (in very clear and meaningful ways) that they do NOT want anything to do with fear/change of habit or scenery, etc...

As Eckhart Tolle so brilliantly states, ALL forms of religions and prophets appear to agree that human beings seem to have a common "flaw".

For as evolved as the human race is, our essential flaw is "suffering".

  • falling into a depressed state of internal suffering

  • feeling like we are lost and worthless or that our goals and aspirations are merely "pipe dreams"

  • falling into "suffering"/creating "suffering" for others around us

So, whether you are a Buddhist (suffering) or you are Hindu (delusion) or

Christianity (original sin), ALL Religion clearly points out that humans are flawed and have these flaws from birth and they manifest through time.

Ok, well, that's the bad news.

There IS some good news also and it is this...

ALL Religions also agree on the fact that there's a path humans can take toward inner enlightenment and transformation.

Disengage from the thinking mind


I hope you learned something from this brief video. Our GOAL for Monday Motivation is to expose creatives to the "inner game of music & psychology".
Krush Audio believes in the importance of understanding how the brain and body respond to a wide variety of situations that are impactful for all human beings, especially Creatives!
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