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Projected Outcomes Will Destroy You

Answer this question honestly.

Do you play out scenarios in your mind when you're about to enter a stressful confrontation/situation?

If your answer was YES, you have a TON of company.

You know what I'm talking about.

Here's a scenario:

You just found out that the person interviewing you is someone you don't get along with and you're POSITIVE they are going to bury you in your upcoming meeting. So, you do what your brain tells you to do, which is, come up with answers/comebacks that are sure to put them on the defensive. You spend hours and hours preparing for every "zinger" they will throw at you.

Guess what you have NOT done?

You spent so much time answering the scenarios your brain threw at you that you have left no time to actually prepare for the task at hand.

Why? Because we were too preoccupied with making sure we don't get embarrassed.

Do you understand? What's the lesson?

It's simple...focus on your main priorities and every time your brain tries to take you down a different path you redirect and engage with something productive and valuable/relevant.


Why do we rehearse arguments and difficult scenarios in our head?

Are you interested in learning a little more?

Check this article out 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼




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