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Every Creative Should Be Doing This

Every Creative has aspirations and dreams of achieving high levels of success

both creatively & financially BUT...

So many are lost when it comes to planning & execution.

For those of you that do NOT know, I'm an adjunct Instructor at The Apprentice Academy located outside of Nashville, TN. (Audio Recording & Production School run by Grammy Award Winning #1 Hit Songwriter Joe West)

One of the first things that we discuss with new groups is the concept of having a

Mission Statement as well as short & long term goals.

How could you know how long the trip will be without mapping out where you're going???




So, let's start thinking about how we want to approach getting a rock solid

Mission Statement and a list of reasonable goals together for short and long term.

I'm going to break it all down for you below:

Mission Statement - All of our decisions will, ultimately, be viewed through this lens.

Approach your Mission Statement as your roadmap and it will guide you when you stray too far away from the plan.

ex: Use my God given abilities and knowledge in and around the Music Business to support myself and my family.

Short and sweet for me. My Mission Statement could be much longer but I intended for it to be concise because this should be a broad strokes kind of approach Imo.

There's plenty of real estate to cover in our yearly goals and that's where we can get a little more specific...

Goal #1 - (1 year)

This is the beginning of your journey and it's the most immediate.

You should get a bunch of ideas together and then filter those down to 4-5 of the most important goals to achieve throughout the year.

Be realistic with what you write down...just be fair and you will be fine.

Goal #2 - (2 years)

Still short term in scope, your 2 year goals should be approached the same way as you worked through your first year goals.

Assuming each of your first year goals are achieved then this is what you plan on happening next.

Come up with 3-5 actual Goals now but leave a space or 2 open because you want this to be a "fluid" list of your progress "past, present, future"

Goal #3 - (3 years)

I'd still consider 3 years to be a short period of time but listed a couple solid goals right now and then saving some space would be a good idea here. While we can be certain of some things, it's a little too far out that we can predict exactly what's going to happen.

ps...if you can do that, may I suggest Las Vegas as a future destination for!

Goal #4 - (5 years)

We skipped a year (you can include a list for yourself if you like).

Reason being, a 5 yr goal is just on the edge of short and long term (especially if you are under the age of 50).

These are goals that will be the foundation of who and what your effort and attention to detail has accomplished.

You will be well into your career and have a good idea of how well you've done with your goal achievement over the past few years.

You also reach a unique point where you have some real solid data to take into planning the next several years.

Like I said a couple times before "fluid document"...society does not stay stagnant and neither can you.

Take your Mission Statement and Goals seriously and continue to refer back and edit your goals and adhere to the principles you believe in.

You will see how you are accountable and in touch with what needs to be done because


Don’t Forget About Your Lottery Goal...

Have you ever allowed yourself to wonder what it would be like to win the Lottery and, suddenly, you are a multi-millionaire?



I suggest you dream big and put that energy out into the Universe...speak that shit into existence and believe what you are saying.

Allow yourself walking up to the stage as you accept you're Grammy Award for "Best New Artist" or "Album of the Year"...whatever it is that creeps into your head every once in a while...verbalize it...take action...


I hope this gives you something to think about and also hope it's helpful for some of you who are interested in approaching your career with the attention it deserves.

Keep striving for greatness and always feel free to reach out wishes for this week and beyond!



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