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The #1 Way To Reprogram...Look Through a Different Lens

Welcome to another week of Monday Motivation w/ Krush.

Each week, the goal is very simple...shed light on motivational techniques, profound stories of success achieved by common people doing uncommon things, and experts who have unique perspectives in these specialty areas.

Dr. Dispenza is a master of his craft and incredibly profound. Regardless of whether you've ever thought about the topics he discusses, I promise you it's relevant to everyone (especially the creative mind)!

In this video, he discusses the approach he teaches and is the #1 tool to reprogram your mind. The best part? It does not take long to get started and it is well worth the investment.

I'd love to hear your feedback regarding this video and the Monday Motivation series in general. Please feel free to reach out and give your opinion.


The best way to predict your future is to create it...not from the known, but from the un-known



Success is self derived...You will find it nowhere else to be as powerful as success derived from self.




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