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The Highest of Highs...Happiness!!

Are you living your life to its fullest potential?

It is a very simple question.

Did you know that it is the definition of success?

Are you living each day to it's fullest potential?

What are your biggest fears?

What are the things that trigger your into a bad mood, anger, hostility?

Are these things REALLY worth the effort and energy you are putting toward them?

Is this perceived problem showing improvement because you've focused your energy on it OR is it getting worse?



The point is that the things that occupy our lives in a negative way , often, are not problems at all. They are, mores, a matter of perspective!

You see, your perspective of the situation (the lens with which you look through) has given you the "impression" that you have a very serious issue.

Let's test the theory on an example/fictitious situation.

So, what's your problem?

Well, I am always finding myself in bad relationships that seem to be destined for failure. I just cannot find a decent woman.

This goes on for month after month...year after year...failed relationship after failed relationship and the person who keeps "failing" says to themself..."well I just cannot find a good woman that wants to be with me for the long term.

Let's think about this person for a second...

Do you know they are destined for failure before they even start searching for a relationship. They have it all screwed up and backward.

Maybe instead of fixating on the perceived problem, our unlucky male example here could challenge himself to look in the mirror.

What can he change about himself that may make him more appealing to another woman?

  1. Hygiene/Weight/Fitness

  2. Where are you looking for women?

  3. Are you working on yourself?

  4. Is there ANYTHING you've learned through ALL of these failed romances that you can use to help you succeed in future relationships?

The Point?

You show me someone that has a problem...I'll show you someone who has not yet looked into the mirror and given themself an honest "going over/evaluation" or "accounting" of their behavior.

Stop searching for other things to make you happy.

You need NONE of it.

Your happiness today and for the rest of your life will NOT be found in a bottle, a prescription, a health club, a bar, or anywhere else UNLESS you are there as well because the real issue is the person we see when we look in the mirror.


Life is so intricate, you can spend a million years with absolute focus and you STILL would NOT understand life.



Stay happy and stay focused on your conscious reality...leave the compulsive and just simply live life!!!


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