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The World Is Distracted

Our world is on "go" 24/7 365 days a year...would you agree?

We are, seemingly, in competition with ALL the amazing things we see being accomplished on Social Media every day.

The ENTIRE WORLD letting you know that THEIR life is doing just fine...THEY are excelling and making outrageous forms of money hand over fist right?

THEY have all the beautiful women who are just begging to be in their presence right?


Idk about you, but I'm calling "bullshit" on all of that. Lol!

Social Media is a "genjutsu" of MASSIVE proportions.

I hope you take the time to give this video a listen and look at it thru your prism. Ask yourself hard questions and evaluate if any of these things apply to the way you conduct your life...


What's more important in YOUR life?

  • tv

  • entertainment

  • partying

  • playing games (video or otherwise)


What if I told you that your income, relationships and success are determined by your learning!





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