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Time Is of the Essence

How comfortable are you with setting and sticking to a schedule?

Do you find it nearly impossible to adhere to a schedule?

Are you, often, sidetracked when you attempt to manage your time wisely?

How committed are you to embracing the challenge of "working smarter NOT harder"


Work smarter, not harder...Allen F. Morgenstern


  1. PLANNING: remember to apply the acronym S.M.A.R.T. (Specific-Measurable-Assignable-Realistic-Time). Having a solid, well thought out plan is critical in setting the realistic foundation and time frame for your goals.

  2. CREATE A CALENDAR: Having a clear understanding of what, when and where is very important and it is well-documented. Focus and think about 1 thing at a time!

  3. ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS: It is a scientific FACT that when we have a cluttered workspace and a disorganized approach to our work, we are setting ourselves up for failure. By allowing that "clutter" to build up, it gives us a much higher chance of getting distracted. Not to mention, that clutter on the outside is probably an "indicator" of how we feel on the inside.

  4. TAKE BREAKS AND DRINK WATER:Walking, daydreaming, playing with a pet, stretching, exercising, take a nap.....all are excellent examples of doing one of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS FOR INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY!!! Include breaks in your calendar/schedule and treat them with as much attention/respect as you treat your work. It is simply that important. Hydrate throughout the entire day is a MAJOR key!

  5. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING:It is broken down beautifully in the video with the acronym D.D.D.D. (Do-Defer-Delegate-Delete)


A Note...

Wishing all of you a week filled with opportunity and blessings.

Wake up each day thinking about ALL the things you have in your life to be thankful for!

Try that for a week and let me know if it changes the way you approach your days.

Hope you enjoyed this week's Monday Motivation!


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