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Want to Unlock Your Highest Potential?

Are you focused right now on being present OR are you thinking of 10 different things that are on your "radar"?

Why take the time to block EVERYTHING out and focus NOT on what's going to happen BUT what IS happening in the present moment?

Andrew Huberman is a neuroscientist and professor who is highly regarded as an expert on all things relative to our brain and all the things that influence it to function.




A Note...

"Monday Motivation" has been (and continues to be) my weekly therapy session.

At the beginning (over 100 blog posts the goal was to provide service to the members of the Krush Audio community and share some of the things encountered in my journey over the past 50 plus years in the music industry and in life.

It became obvious to me that when I searched for and found information from EXPERTS about the things I questioned, I felt more informed.

Once that happened, I began a search for the world's most sought out experts in fields like:

  • neuroscience

  • meditation

  • breathing techniques

  • motivational speakers (careful w this one...go w your gut and fact check and verify their authenticity and knowledge of subject matter)

  • frequency and energy

At the end of the's just like anything else.

When you surround yourself with well educated-informed-specialists you see they all share many of the same character traits and your personal development is the beneficiary.

So, I truly hope you enjoy the weekly posts and also hope you understand the importance of all of the KA blogs. They relate to, not only, the music industry, but also YOUR overall mental clarity and well being.



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