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What Are We Really Seeing?

"I think that tastes, odors, colors, and so on...reside in consciousness.

Hence, if the living creature were removed, ALL of these qualities would be...annihilated" (Galileo)

We used to think that the Earth was flat (some still do) and then we shifted our perception of reality.
Listen carefully, brains and neurons have nothing to do with our "perceptual experience".

When we dare to recognize that our visual perception and reality is not about seeing truth...

Did you believe that "perception is reality"?

Do you STILL believe it after watching this TED Talk?

Do you ever spend time allowing yourself to THINK in silence?

(I can already hear people bitching about how they don't have time for this shit and they are too busy working and busting their ass, etc...etc...etc...guess know damn well all of us have the time if we choose to make it no matter how busy we are...but, I

Actually consider the possibility that you, nor I, know what the absolute truth is "the great mystery".

So, for that reason alone, I encourage you to spend time in deep thought and, while engaged in deep thought, I suggest you use some strategy to breathe & meditate.

Allow yourself to consider things you normally wouldn't...explore different possibilities about your faith, history, and evolution.

Most importantly, take each and every moment and use it to pursue the things that bring you joy.

It is really that simple.



If you are a Creative (ie...Artist, Producer, or Engineer) that is 100% committed to being great....



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1 comentário

21 de mar. de 2022

Happy Monday to everyone out here bustin their ass everyday. I realize these posts can get pretty deep from time to time but I REALLY do encourage you to find your own method of peace and meditation and allowing for growth…doesn’t matter how old you are💪🏼🤙🏽

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