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When in Doubt, Say Less


If you are familiar with Greene's "48 Laws of Power" you are, more than likely, familiar with this.

Just like anything else, you must first be informed and understand the "why" and then execute.

Check out this short but super informative video below...



  1. You appear more powerful

  2. You WILL learn how to "read" other people

  3. Less saying things you REGRET...hold your tongue and lose your ego.

  4. You become a much better listener...people want to be heard and understood.

  5. Superior negotiation tool...master this and you will see the results in your negotiations.



If you know me, you know that I've never been afraid to talk and run my mouth. Hahahaha.

In all honesty, there are times where it's a big asset to be able to initiate conversation and being able to fit into various situations can be useful as well.

However, this is ONLY an asset when you are around the right group of people. (, significant other, etc). You have to allow your "moral compass" guide you when it comes to letting your guard down.

Just know that if you are in ANY kind of negotiation, it's in your best interest to say less and listen more.


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