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Why It's Extremely Important to Pay Attention

In our modern world, we have so many distractions.

So many things that can take us away from our original intentions that serve as "replacements" for the things/events that are happening right in front of our faces.

Are you familiar with the book "The Celestine Prophecy"?

Maybe the, so called, coincidences in our lives are not coincidences at all.

What if we paid more attention to the things that puzzle us instead of just dismissing them as mere "coincidences"?

The book discusses this "awakening" through the path of 9 Insights that provide the context and understanding of the bigger picture.

Insight #1?

I just gave it to you...the 1st Insight suggests the theory that "coincidences" are not that at all and we should spend more time paying attention to the things that stand out in our lives or strike us in a certain way.

What if there were a wealth of understanding attached to pursuing these events?

For now...check out this video that lays out the 9 Insights and provides context for the conversation we will have over the next week or so.




  1. There is a mysterious way our life evolves...take meaningful "coincidences" seriously.

  2. We are all in the process of constructing the world we want to live in. Increased material comfort while scientists searched for the meaning of this world.

  3. A new view of life. A new Universe that is made of energy. An energy that is malleable and can respond to other energies as well. You will have an enhanced view and appreciation of beauty. Perceiving "auras" and interplay of energy and the dynamic between human beings in various settings.

  4. We have, secretly, ALWAYS been competing for each other's energy and it is ingrained in us to try to dominate and assert ourselves. (think about it, how many times have you picked up on someones vibe....THAT, my friends, is what they are speaking of).

  5. Realization that the "competition" for energy is not needed. We do NOT need to compete for another person's energy/aura. We can draw from the universe and the infinite amount of power within it to fill ourselves up and we can draw from positive or negative charges. (are you starting to relate/understand)

  6. In order to be in a state of love with the universe, we have to let go of old patterns of behavior we developed in order to TAKE energy from others. These are control dramas and we could spend (probably will) an entire episode on understanding all 4 of them and the techniques to control them.

  7. Once you are cleared of traumas (ie...control dramas) you can get on with the business of absorbing the immense energy we all have at our fingertips.

  8. Begin to interact with those "coincidences" we've spoken about throughout this blog. Let's say you run into someone at the grocery store you haven't seen or heard from for 10yrs. Well, instead of hiding somewhere in aisle 9, take advantage of that "coincidence" and go up and have a conversation. There could be a "possibility" put right there in front of you.

  9. FINAL INSIGHT is Conscious Evolution. When you can elevate (literally and spiritually) to a frequency that is NOT the same as the majority of the world.


love is not an intellectual concept or moral imperative or anything else. It is a background emotion that exists when one is connected to the energy in the universe.



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