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Why You Should NOT Be the "Nice Guy"

In this week's segment of "Monday Motivation", we have a visit with stellar though-provoker Jordan Peterson.

He provides a number of compelling arguments on the importance of understanding who you are and what you stand for.

What are your core principles?

Have you ever thought about it?

I mean it.

Have YOU given it thought...serious thought?

So, what are some examples of core principles?

  • religious affiliation

  • political stance

  • fundamental morals

  • beliefs

  • what kind of car? (or do you prefer a truck)

  • meat eater or vegetarian or ???

  • preference on location of where you live?

  • Italian food or Chinese or both?

  • gun person or despise them

I can make the argument that EVERY SINGLE ONE of those examples could have been "learned behaviors" that were taught to you from a young age because that's the way your parents did it.

That's the way your grandparents did it...that's the way your great grandparents did it...etc




Jordan Peterson is one of my favorite "thought provokers". He is a WEALTH of information and I truly hope you take heed to the information he provides. In my opinion, he delivered more thought provoking information in a 6 min video then some people do in a 60 min presentation.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Monday Motivation...I am out traveling and visiting my children, getting to see me daughter graduate from college, and catch up with my best friend and those close to me. It is a much needed break but I wanted to write these blog posts BEFORE I headed out on my trip.

I hope your week is blessed and you find something positive from the blog posts.

Wishing you and your all the best!!!




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