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You Have a Choice Every Single Day

It's really important that the time right before you go to bed and when you wake is time well spent.

Think about this, those times are so critical, because at night we are preparing to go on a 6 to 8 hour journey into our subconscious mind.

Consequently, when we wake up the first thoughts that come to mind are going to shape our entire day.

So, the question is what are we going to do with the two opportunities we have laid before us?

Try this.. the next time you think about it hopefully, tomorrow morning, you should envision and manifest on the things in your life that are positive.

The things in your life that have great meaning to you the areas of your life where you provide service for others.

Think about the way those actions make others feel and enjoy the fact that you are the one providing those good feelings, set your intention for the rest of your day by focusing on the positive and not the negative.

Just try it.

Also, before you lay your head down, spend five minutes setting the expectation for a restful sleep for renewing refreshing energy to fill your body, and most importantly, give your brain positive fuel.



finally take the opportunity to find some time for exercise as well as eating a little healthier than you currently are. Focus on things like fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, and any opportunity you have to eat something fresh as opposed to something frozen is literally the difference between you eating something alive versus eating something that's been dead for months

Think about what that does to our brain function.

It certainly cannot be helping it.

You know, I just finished reading a book called "

The Compound Effect" and the author of the book constantly references, making small changes and how those small changes can compound into turning points for individuals. So maybe you give it a shot you pick one small thing maybe it's the donut that you have on Monday to get a little sugar rush going for the day maybe it's a drink you have after work to take the edge off?

Eliminate it and forget about it. Revisit that change you made in three months, then six months, and then a year and the results will be stunning.

Hope everyone has a great week don't forget to check out Krush Cooks Live every Friday at 6 PM central

God bless everybody!!!!


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