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Recording & Mixing Options 

It is my job to take your vision and work together to make it into the absolute BEST version of itself. With 2 entirely different Studios to work out of, Krush Audio can accommodate a wide range of budgets.

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First class recording experience.

  • World Class Facility

  • A-List Studio Session Players Available

  • Free Consult-Lots of Coffee

  • Demo Projects

  • Drum Recording

  • Isolation Booths

  • Full Blown Studio Session Recording

Starts at $100/hr (Price IS Scaleable for Late Evening & Weekends)

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"My entire Goal is to get the Artist and Our Music to Exceed His/Her Expectations"

  • Incredible Vibe

  • Reasonably Priced for the Indie Artist 

  • 1st Class Customer Service

  • No-one Will EVER Outwork Us

  • Over $100,000 in 1st Class Audio Production Equipment

  • Full Production & Recording Bundles

  • Free Consult 


Packages as low as $45/hr

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KA West Barn Live Session Shot


Paying it Forward 1 Mix at a Time...

  • Grammy Nominated

  • Multi-Genre Mixing Credits

  • A-List Artist Credits

  • Amazon/Netflix Placements

  • Unlimited Revisions (if needed)

  • Attended Mixes (available upon request)

  • 1st Mix or Project 50% Discount

Single Mix $250

EP (5-6 Songs) 15% Off Project

Album (12-16 Songs) 25% Off project

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