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Breaking the Cycle

Seperation is created by the mind & ignorance is at the root of suffering


Ever heard of Ram Dass before now?

Well I'd suggest we get acquainted today.

It's becoming more and more obvious that our society has SO MANY DISTRACTIONS. Everywhere one looks, you can find something that can provide us with a short period of "ahhhhh".

What are some of the most common distractors/easers of pain and suffering and, more importantly, which one of them is a personal indulgence?

  • Sex

  • Alcohol

  • Food

  • Drugs

  • Gambling

  • Money

Any of these resonating with you?

Well, I'll go first. I've got #1 thru #4 covered HAHAHAHA

Ram Dass goes on to explain how our addictions manifest themselves from deep within our own personal experience and/or the longing to have "oneness" within the family structure.

It's extremely interesting to note the direct correlation between the brains behavior and what it is that our brains crave...COMFORT and STABILITY. Because of that fact, our brains will choose the thing that provides/associates with comfort OVER doing the hard work 100 times out of 100 UNLESS we demand it to conduct itself differently.

This is the same characteristic that makes our species different/elevated above the most intelligent and physically dominant animals. Human will!!!

It's that same process and principle one must keep in mind when dealing directly with addiction.






  1. Hunger/Craving

  2. Making the Decision (Instant Gratification)

  3. Indulgence

  4. Ahhh...Feelin Satisfied & Overall Positive affect

  5. Oh Shit, what did I do?

  6. Ultimate Shame & Guilt/Disappointment



So, how do we make it stop or are we doomed to continue to jump on the "hamster wheel" every single day and that's it?

Nope, you want to know why?

We must learn how to "intervene" in different parts of that destructive cycle.

For example, when you begin to crave (aka make a bad decision) maybe you intervene right then and instead of acting on your initial thought, you IMMEDIATELY replace it with something positive.

Take the same example but let's say you've already gone through steps 1-4. Well, can't do anything about the fact that you acted on your impulse but, since you ARE aware/conscious of your addiction, you can choose to eliminate going through 4-6 but, rather, figure out where things went wrong at the beginning.

The bottom line?

Once you're actively aware that you've developed an addiction, you now have to figure out how to get back and realizing/seeing the entire process BEFORE it occurs again is the key to your and my success.

The old timers call it "playing the story through till the end".

What's YOUR story look like when you play out YOUR addictive behavior to the end of its story?



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