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Shapes and Shades


KRUSH AUDIO is located in Nashville, TN and offers a wide variety of Creative Solutions for your Audio Production, Recording, Mixing needs.

We have 3 primary options based on your project and budget.

This allows you to "stress less" about the cost and logistics and "focus more". 

Tap into YOUR creative genius.

Click the pic below that BEST suits your needs.

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Audio Production/Beat Making

In the current beatmaking and home studio environment, Artists have more opportunity now than ever and Krush Audio delivers the highest quality, hardest hitting, unique custom beats.

Pricing starts as low as $19.99!!!

Check out the Krush sound and level up

ZEROS AND ONES_IN THE LAB_KA#220214_edited.jpg

Modern Recording (ITB)

Take advantage of over $100,000 worth of recording gear, microphones, and plugins.

We cater to the Modern Indie Recording Artist who believes in their Artistry and needs a Professional sound.

Whether you need to record a vocal, cut a vocal and acoustic guitar, overdubs, bass, etc...we have you covered.

Starting as low as $50/hr!!!

Come and record1 time and you will hear the difference.

KA_West Barn_Promo Pic.png

Recording (Analog/Hybrid)

That jaw dropping moment when a new Artist or Band walks into the studio for the first time. We make you feel that way EVERY time you walk thru the doors.

Featuring 50 ft ceilings, isolation booths, drum room, vintage microphones and Analog Console as well as over 21 Vintage API Mic Pre's,

THIS is the Recording opportunity of a LIFETIME at an affordable price.

Pricing starts at $100/hr.

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