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The Four Agreements: 4 Tips To Feeling Totally Fulfilled

What's good Krush Audio family? I'd like to share a personal experience that, literally, just happened to me.

This past weekend I was traveling to an important business meeting and I decided to listen to a book Ive been wanting to read.

That book is called The Four Agreements and it unlocked some things in my mind that have been holding me back for years.

I hope you are inspired by this overview and intrigued enough to learn more on your own.

Agreement #1 - Be Impeccable With Your Word

Oh this is just MASTERFUL!!!

Be impeccable with the things you say and what your intentions are.

Being impeccable with your word means that you are a straight telling people what they WANT to hear.

This does NOT mean we go around acting like an asshole and letting people have it. Lol!

No, rather, you are someone who can be trusted to be honest. You follow thru with the things you say and the ideas you have.

Be impeccable with your word and your work and watch what happens in a short amount of time.

Agreement #2 - Don't Take Anything Personally

This is the absolute hardest Agreement for me to grasp as a creative.

Why? Because we are deeply committed to our Artistry and have a personal bond to the "work" we are doing. It is extremely difficult to take this approach but, as you do, you will find yourself less stressed and more focused on all of the things YOU do at an exceptional level.

Agreement #3 - Don't Make Assumptions

When we begin to play out various "scenarios" in our head before anything happens, we are making assumptions that are ALL a figment of our imagination.

The time and energy we all spend in this "imposter syndrome" type of state, costs us in the long run...especially when the the assumptions we are cooking up in our brains are incorrect and off the mark.

Agreement #4 - Always Do Your Best

If you are doing the best you possibly can to abide by the first three agreements, then that is really the most important of the 4.

Let's be honest...we are humans...we will fall short.

How do we handle that?


I want to feel and be successful...we ALL do...we want to feel accomplished and have all the things we've dreamed of. It is possible to fill a fulfillment that is beyond belief and it has nothing to do with money. Trust me, I've been around a few multi-millionaires and their happiness is NOT derived from the money they've accumulated.

Positive thinkers. unlimited passion and hustle, honesty, being impeccable, not making assumptions and always doing our best is a GREAT way to start putting the correct ENERGY into the world and get on THE FREQUENCY!!!!!

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