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Snails, Bananas, Ears & Webs

This takes the cake for one of my craziest titles ever.

The reason for the title will become apparent real soon and its quite the mindf*$k!!!

All jokes aside...

Have you ever heard of the Fibonacci Sequence?

How about the Golden Ratio?

Well, in simple terms, the Fibonacci sequence is taking a number and adding to previous number...

(ie...0+1=1 1+2=3 3+2=5 5+3=8)

These numbers are also known as "Fibonacci Numbers".

Who came up with this sequence and what is the significant math & physics behind it?

You guessed it, Leonardo Pisano.


Ok, everyone calm down. Just a little Monday morning humor from someone who is juiced on caffeine. Lol. Leonardo Pisano was also known as Leonard of Pisa who was also known as...






Now that we have been introduced to what the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio are, let's spend some time looking at the "macro" and the impact this has on your life, your choices, your interests, your feelings, and so much more.

We will catch up more on this topic next week...until then, be aware that THIS moment is all that really matters and spend your "precious gift" of time in a way the allows you to feel true joy and happiness.

nothing is the same yet it is all interwoven together in the most perfect way

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