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Do You Remember? Let's Step Back To Move Forward

We are going to take a walk down "memory lane" this week.

That would be...YOUR... "memory lane!".

I'm going to motivate you by shining a light on the reason you chose to be in this crazy business and reminding you of the power that exists inside of you.


What's good everyone?

Can I ask a favor?

I'd like you to think back to when you had you first MAJOR experience with Music.

What am I talking about?

Think back to the time you felt the goosebumps on your skin because you just experienced something so awe-inspiring, so tremendous, so monumental that you can picture it as if it just happened!

Maybe this was the first live concert you attended or the first Album/CD you purchased. Maybe it was getting your first instrument or hearing an incredible DJ.

Doesn't matter what the experience was.

That feeling....that feeling you had was what I'm talking about.

The excitement, desire to learn, nonstop consumption of the art, willingness to put in crazy time, learn a new language....those are ALL the things that make YOU incredibly special.

All the things you've learned over the years. What about that?

You see what I'm saying?

You have accomplished a TON of shit that you chalk up as just another day or part of the gig....let's talk about remembering what you've overcome to get into the position you're in RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Allow Me to Remind You...

You didn't just magically get to where you are right now.

It was a combination of a variety of factors, choices (good and bad), decisions, support system, surroundings and the company we name a few.


Personal Mindset (Then & Now)

Remember back to when you didn't know any the time that you had nothing but a goal and the "blind faith" in yourself!!!


Because no-one had introduced negativity into the picture. Lol!

When you get that seed of doubt in your mind that, if left to grow, will blossom into a network of doubt and are heading down a dangerous road!!!

What can we do?

How do we get our bodies and minds to remember?

Start simple...let's take it nice and easy

Focus On Your Strengths (While You Work On Your Weaknesses)

Honesty time once again. It's easier to continue developing the skills we've accumulated over the years.

There are MILLIONS of human beings that settle for just that and, you know what, it's great for some of them...but not me (and I suspect it's not you either)

I'm of the opinion that if we honestly evaluate/work on the things we do NOT do well...WAY more happens for us than just the great feeling of accomplishment.

It's also the understanding that we are more than capable of handling absolutely ANYTHING we put our minds to.

Don't get me wrong...if you are an Engineer that is pretty good at Pro Tools (for example) then keep on working toward the goal of becoming an absolute JEDI on that DAW.

Constantly developing our "speciality areas' is what gets you to 10K hours and that is MASTERY of a skill my friends.

I Call It "The Frequency"...

Yeah I call it "The Frequency" in honor of one of my mentors Mike Shimshack.

Because of Mike and my natural curiosity, I made a decision to explore this concept greatly.

What's the idea? It's very, very simple (most great ideas are).

Simply put, whenever your personal energy is combined with others who are on the same "frequency", the momentum created is substantial.

Think about how this concept applies to so many facets of our society.

We have an amazing amount of information around us....the ability to think for ourselves. Theoretically, the answers to our questions are here and the people who can unlock your "frequency" are here....

Wanna go a little deeper?

Are you familiar with the amazing Mantak Chia?

If you want to go deeper into subjects like the activation of the Pineal gland, meditation, breathing....

I believe you will find this useful and relevant.



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