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Is your ring finger longer than your index?

The more we study the function of the human brain, the more awe-inspiring it becomes...

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to re-wire its synaptic connections and form even more complicated connections



Who would've thought that our finger length and how it compares to the other "digits" can a predictor of behavior and other characteristics. Both in male and female study groups, scientists are studying the complexity of the nerve bundles in our hands.

As you hear in the video, the connection between our brains and our hands is intricate.

We don't think about it a whole lot.

We just go about our day and execute whatever job or task we have to do.

However, behind the scenes, there's an incredible process happening at the speed of light.

If you are someone who depends on using your hands and fingers for a living, you know DAMN well that...

Our hands are everything...


We cannot afford to have anything happen to our hands or fingers (that's stating the obvious).

However, what if we could learn how to improve the connection between our brain and hands, for example?
What if we learned enough that we could "cure" afflictions that include the wrist, hand, nerves, muscles and fingers?
What about people like hair stylists, mechanics, athletes?
The list goes on and on.






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