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Pro Tools: Why is it the Gold Standard?

I'll give you 5 reasons why Pro Tools is and will remain the "gold standard" in Pro Audio Recording and editing.


We all know there are more options than ever to choose how and what you will create on (Studio One, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reason, Cubase etc...). All of these examples have features that exceed those of Pro Tools.

Here's why Avid Pro Tools will NOT be going anywhere anytime soon.

Tip #1 - Studio Investment

Did you know that just about EVERY SINGLE RECORD that is playing on your current streaming device went through Pro Tools at some point.

We have to set our minds to think about the "macro" level.

Imagine this, 98% of major recording rooms are using Pro Tools.

So, what would make them STOP? It would have to take a global shift in technology to influence the entire major recording industry to make a switch.

Those that use Pro Tools (and bitch about it sometimes like me 😄😜) must still recognize that the DAW is rock solid for audio recording and most mimics what we, as engineers, are used to from the analog days. That being a recording console and the signal flow/routing that Industry Pros with 25 plus years in the game expect to see and hear from a Professional workstation.

Tip #2 - It's More Than Just Recording

As if Tip #1 wasn't enough, there's more.

Not only is Pro Tools the recording standard but Avid (Pro Tools parent company) also functions in...

  • audio post production

  • film scoring

  • music editing



Pro Tools 1.0 was released in 1991 and is probably older than the majority of creatives that use the software

Tip #3 - All other DAWS are compared against Pro Tools

Think about it, every time a new DAW is released and/or overhauled, the first thing they start doing is comparing the new item with PT. It is the standard, the metric we use to verify whether the software being introduced deserves a look.

Tip #4 - Compatibility

When you are in a professional situation and you are recording projects that will, eventually, find their way to PT, knowing that you can go into any studio in the world and pop open your recording session and GO!!!

Tip #5 - Editing

The first time you have a vocal composite to do, you will then see the brilliance of Pro Tools and where it shines the brightest.



This is Important!!!!

Having said all that, there ARE great options out there for those creatives who are working in a particular genre or who rely on certain aspects of "step sequencing" as opposed to LIVE musicians certainly could benefit from using some other software more appropriate to their style and workflow and that's perfectly fine.

The difference is that those same beats, tracks, songs that were created in a separate DAW environment WILL end up in Pro Tools if you are working in a Professional studio and playing in the game at a professional level.

Have an amazing week and manifest & welcome NOT run away from it!!!

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