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What Is You #1 Highest Priority?

"One Does Not Accumulate But Eliminate" (Bruce Lee)

Hello to everyone!

Here's hoping you had a chance to recharge your batteries this weekend and are ready to get the week started right.

Today's topic came to me because I had a conversation earlier with my Mom and Dad.

We were discussing the difference between focusing and applying yourself versus going through the motions.

Well, I came across the perfect video that explains what I was thinking in a concise video.

Check this out...


Are You Being Productive? Can You Be Better In Less Time?

You have heard the cliche "work smarter not harder" right?

Well, for me, this video brings up some really good points with regard to that but it also demonstrates how important it is to set your goals and make sure they align with your highest priorities.

Everything in this World we live in somehow comes back to the transfer of energy.

For instance,

  • how do we direct our energy?

  • are we singularly focused?

  • do we direct our energy toward our highest priority?

  • is there a hard deadline involved?

  • is it UN-realistic? (remember...that's a good thing)

"One Does Not Accumulate But Eliminate"

Bruce Lee had it right and one could argue he was one of the most enlightened spirits of his time.

Think about the comment as it relates to our topic today.

In conclusion, I'd encourage you to "be like water" (another Bruce Lee gem)...go with the flow as much as you will make life more manageable/enjoyable.

Furthermore, spend some time each and every day in Deep Thought...look at your behaviors and actions and be willing to make adjustments (that's the "be like water"


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Feb 21, 2022

Love this layout as well as content. Hope everyone has an outstanding week

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